A Clarification

The online auction will close Friday night, but the auction will continue live on Saturday at the Writing for Charity event. The highest bid on the online auction will become the starting bid on Saturday. The auction will continue until 10 minutes after the extravaganza. Online bidders whose bid is still the highest will be contacted. In the event that the winning bidder is unable to deliver on their bid, the second highest bidder will be contacted, and so on, unless the alternative bids are, in the determination of the auction organizers, too low, in which case auction items will be held over for future auctions.

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Let Shannon Hale Brag about You! This One Really Is up for Auction

There is so much interest in the raffle item that Shannon has kindly agreed to rave about two people. Apparently Shannon is not very careful, and needs to have her life saved many times. So, let the bidding begin.

If you’re the highest bidder, Shannon Hale will rave about you on her blog, describing in detail how you saved her life several times.

Make your bid in the comments section.


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Auction Item: lunch with Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull will take you to lunch in American Fork!

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Auction Item: Get Fictionally Murdered by Dan Wells

Dan Wells, Utah’s premiere horror author, has dark needs that must be filled–the voices say that someone must die, and that lucky someone could be you! The winner of this auction will appear, by name, in one of Dan’s upcoming thrillers or horror novels, where he or she will be gruesomely, shockingly, and/or spectacularly murdered. (If you would prefer to offer up your neighbor/lawyer/mother-in-law, that can be arranged as well; the voices don’t care who, they just want blood!)

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Auction Item: Jessica Day George turns you into a character!

Jessica Day George will put your name into one of her two upcoming books!  You can choose between being a courtier in the magical castle of TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE (her upcoming middle grade book), or a cavalry officer in the young adult book, THE HORSE BRIGADE.

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Auction Item: Matt Loveridge, Signed print: Moose

Signed Print, by Matt Loveridge.

Ink, signed print

Starting Bid: $10
Place your bid in the comments section.

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Auction Item: Matt Loveridge, Signed print: “Sour”


Signed print, “Sour,” by Matt Loveridge

Ink & digital, signed print

Starting Bid: $10
Place your bid in the comments section.

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